Garage Surf / Barbie Punk / Prom Rock

Detroit-based trio Sidewatcher is a sweetheart with a switchblade. It’s the teenage girl who was ditched at prom and now has blood in her eyes. Mixed with waves of garage surf, Sidewatcher’s songs have a barbie punk/prom rock vibe that take you on a trip through sick love and manipulative alien boyfriends.

Sidewatcher was officially formed in December 2014 by the sibling duo of Zoë Kissel (guitar/vocals) and Dylan Kissel (bass/vocals), finally giving the longtime collaboration a name. In October 2015, Zoë and Dylan were joined by AJ Picciuto on drums/keyboards. Sidewatcher began as a psychedelic studio project but quickly evolved into a punkie live performance band. It’s a continuous art project for the trio, serving as an outlet for their musical works and other creative projects. Sidewatcher is extremely DIY driven, focusing the band’s energy on creating their own artistic world.

As Sidewatcher evolves, so does their sound. The trio is currently in Broken Jaw Studios recording a full-length album, set to be released Fall 2017.

Summer 2017 Dates

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