Composing Our Stories  (Zoë Kissel, USA, 2017)

Composing Our Stories is a short documentary student film following an orchestral composer and his approach to connecting human sentiment with music through a unique form of storytelling.

If you are interested in viewing the full documentary or have any distribution, press, production, or screening rights inquires please send us an email at or contact us through

Hello! I am Zoë Kissel, the director/editor/cinematographer of Composing Our Stories. For the past 5 months I have been working on Composing Our Stories and the day of completion is finally here. It’s bittersweet, finishing the film’s production, but also such a wonderful feeling to be able to share my creation and hard work with the world.

I am an East Lansing-based filmmaker, artist, and musician. I have always been a creator and film continues to be a platform of which I can share new worlds and stories. Originally from a small town south of Detroit, I now live in East Lansing, Michigan where I am pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media & Information with a concentration in TV, Cinema, & Radio and a minor in Documentary Production at Michigan State University.

I applied to join the Documentary Production minor at Michigan State University as a way to learn new film techniques. I did not plan on falling in love with the beauty of non-fiction and the grace of consented voyeurism. Composing Our Stories is my first documentary film. Through the evolution of this project, I have discovered my infatuation with directing and editing. The honor of giving a voice to those who deserve to be heard and the opportunity to tell a story that post-production presents is my passion in filmmaking.

Filming Composing Our Stories was a thrill. Being able to share such an imaginative and successful person’s mind with the world is an eye-opening experience. After watching the film and hearing Christian’s stories, I hope that the audience is inspired to dream, create, and love a little bit more.

As an artist, I embrace the spirit of never slowing down. I am currently writing the screenplay for my next film Juice – a futuristic, film noir, short fiction film. Production for Juice is scheduled to begin August 2017.


The Making of the Silver Saucer Logo  (Zoë Kissel, USA, 2017)

The Making of the Silver Saucer Logo is a behind-the-scenes documentary look at the creation and filming of Silver Saucer Productions‘ logo.

I directed, edited, and did the post-production effects for The Making of the Silver Saucer Logo.

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